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I love paint. Very large quantities of paint.

The ability to create a response with art of any kind is amazing. But to be able to create an impact with large scale images in is incredible. I have been fortunate to work with various groups to realize murals in Sudbury, which have had a positive influence in the community.

Here are a few examples of murals and public art I have created :

Northern Journey - 2022

The two images reflect contrasting natural elements of the North: one of the flight of geese, the other flowing fish. While they contrast each other in nature, they are connected in their perpetual movement and travel... echoing the lives of those on the busy street on which the work is located.

Unveiling : June 2022

up here 2020_photo up here.jpg
Up Here 6 - 2020

What a wonderful experience I had painting this beauty of a wall in Garson! This piece is called "Until We Meet Again": One heron stands quiet, while the other interrupts the landscape with flight, capturing a bittersweet moment of departure. The image is a connection between movement and stillness, through contrast of colour, line, and gradation.Huge thanks to the organizers of Up Here! 

Unveiling : Aug 2020

Size : Approx 900sqft (7.25'x123')

Twin Forks Park - 2019

This mural was created for the City of Greater Sudbury Ward 8 community garden at Twin Forks park. It was a collaboration with children, with whom we (my assistant and I) worked with an elementary school class to create hand prints incorporated into the design, making it a truly community centred mural. 

Unveiling : May 2019

Size : 8'x12'

Up Here 4 - 2018

I had an amazing experience creating this mural on the Sudbury Fire Hall on Van Horne Street for Up Here 4 - an urban art and music festival! It was exciting to complete my first major exterior mural, and I had an excellent experience painting, even with the challenges of the very rough texture of the wall and using heavy equipment to reach very tall heights! Huge thanks to the organizers of Up Here! This piece is called "Home", and reflects the natural elements and peaceful serenity we in northern Ontario associate with home.

Unveiling : Aug 2018

Size : Irregular (approx 30'x30')

Sudbury Fire Management Headquarters - 2017

I am very happy to have had the privilege of creating a mural for the main lobby of the Sudbury Fire Management Headquarters. This mural reflects several aspects of fire management, as well as natural elements. In discussion with the client, it was suggested that an unexpected approach to creating a representation of fire management would be optimal - instead of helicopters and waterbombers battling huge columns of flame, there is a more subtle and calm approach here. The purpose of this piece was to reflect the pride of fire fighting, while enhancing positivity in the working environment with calm, visually appealing colours and movement. This mural is separated in 4 sections - each depicting a Fire Ranger executing a management task, a natural element (moose, bear), and a slight column of smoke, to indicate the always present need for alertness and preparedness.

Unveiling : July 2017

Size : Irregular


Keys to the City - Jazz Sudbury 2016

I was commissioned to create a piece of public art, by painting an original illustration on a piano. The piano was unveiled to create awareness of Jazz Fest, and was available for the public to play and enjoy, located in downtown Sudbury.

UpFest - 2015

I designed, directed, and executed this mural (with help of course from my crew Tracy Baker, Joelle Beaulieu, Josh Turnbull, Karl Turnbull, and Brad Westby) on the cylinder of a concrete mixer. It was created for UpFest 2015, as part of the public art and mural installations done during the festival. We had three weeks to paint this mural, which was designed with whimsical elements and uplifting themes. The concrete mixer is functional, and can be seen roaming the streets of Sudbury.


Unveiling : Aug 2015

Size : approx 13'x25' (three dimensional cylinder)

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